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Dr. Sanjiv C C

Dr. Sanjiv C C – Parkinson Disease Specialist in Bangalore

Dr. Sanjiv C C is a Consultant Neurologist in Bangalore, specialising in Parkinson's Disease and related movement disorders. He is a Visiting Neurologist at several private hospitals in Bangalore including Apollo Speciality Hospital, and also has his private practice at Ragavs Diagnostic and Research Centre in Jayanagar.

Dr. Sanjiv C C obtained an MD in Neurology from NIMHANS Bangalore, besides having done several advanced training courses, including a fellowship in movement disorders from Canada. After completing his MBBS, he worked as a faculty member at St. John's Hospital in Bangalore between 1996 and 1999, and at Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar, in 1999.

Dr. Sanjiv was a Clinical Research Fellow in the Neurodegenerative Disorders Centre, University of British Columbia, Canada, from 1999-2001, and was associated with the Stanford Hospital, California, as a Visiting Neurologist in 2001. Dr. Sanjiv has several publications in peer-reviewed journals to his credit and has participated in a large number of conferences and workshops relating to his fields of expertise, in India as well as overseas. He is a member of several associations connected with neurology and movement disorders in the USA and elsewhere.

Professional Experience: 29years experience in Neuroscience

  • Clinical Research Fellow : Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders (1999 – 2001) Neurodegenerative Disorders Center, University of British Columbia.

  • Visiting Neurologist : Stanford Hospital, California, USA (2001)

  • Clinical Neurologist : Working in multi speciality hospitals in Bangalore (2001 – Present)

  • Senior Resident : National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS), Bangalore, India (1993-1996)

  • Worked as faculty : St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore, between 1996-1999. And Sri Devaraj Urs medical college, Kolar 1999.


  • M.D. (Neurology) : National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience’s (NIMHANS), India. (1990-1996)

  • Medical school : Bangalore Medical college, Bangalore, India. (1984-1989)

  • Pre-Medical Studies : S.V.Junior College, Tirupathi, India. (1981-1983)

  • Daytime somnolence in-patients with Parkinson’s disease, Parkinsonism and Related Disorders, Oct. 7(4),283-286, 2001(under press).(Paper-1)

  • Day time somnolence and anti-Parkinson treatment(abstract), Neurology 56, A213, April 2001 (Suppl 3)

  • Day time somnolence and anti-Parkinson treatment(Paper-11) (Sent to the editor)

  • Pharmacotherapy of Parkinson’s disease, Geriatric aging journal, November 2000

  • Depression and Dementia in Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease, Abstract/ Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 5 (1999) S92

  • Role of Antagonist Ondansetron in Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease with Psychosis, 6th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Neurology, Sept. 1998, Hyderabad, India

  • Risk factors for stroke, Role of Hyperlipidemia. 53rd Joint Annual Conference of Association of Physicians in India, Jan. 1998, Bangalore, India

  • Probable Mixed Connective Tissue Disease with a Combination of S.L.E. and Dermatomyositis, 47th Annual Conference of Neurological Society of India, December 1997

  • Neurosarcoidosis, 44th Annual Conference of Neurological Society of India, December, 1995.

Continuing Education:

An Active participant at the following conferences;

  • International Movement disorders society and Movement disorders society of INDIA since 2001 to 2019

  • Teaching courses in Movement disoders, NIMHANS, Nov.20-21,2010.

  • A comprehensive review of movement disorders for the clinical practitioner, Bhubaneshwar,7-10 oct.2010.

  • Neurology controversies to consensus, April3-4, 2010, Chennai.

  • 18th European Stroke Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden,26-29th May 2009.

  • 2nd Asia Oceanic and Pacific Parkinson’s Disease conference held in NEW DELHI, Feb.15th-17th 2009.

  • European Congress of Epilepsy, held in BERLIN, oct.2008.

  • 18th Meeting of the European Neurological Society held in Nice / France June 7th – 11th, 2008

  • 10th International Conference On Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders at Kyoto, Japan, Nov.2006.

  • World Federation of Neurology, Sydney, Australia, Nov.2005.

  • AAN Conference, Bangalore, Sept.2006.

  • CUTE Conference on epilepsy and neurophysiology, NewDelhi, Feb.2006

  • Third national conference in critical care neurology, Hyderabad, March 2005

  • 53rd Annual Meeting of American Academy of Neurology, Philadelphia, PA, May 5th –11th, 2001

  • National Resident Movement Disorders workshop in Montreal, Canada, Feb. 8th –11th, 2001

  • 52nd Annual Meeting of American Academy of Neurology, San Diego, California, April 29 - May 6, 2000

  • 13th International Congress on Parkinson’s Disease, Vancouver, Canada July 24th –28th, 1999

  • 5th National Movement Disorders of India, Trivandrum, India, August 1998

  • 3rd National Movement Disorder of India, Bangalore, India, February 1997

  • 53rd Joint Annual Conference of Association of Physicians, Bangalore, India, January 1998.

  • 1st international Conference of Current Trends in Psychological Rehabilitation and Family Intervention, Bangalore, India, March 199.7

  • Indian Academy of Neurology, Annual Conference, Bangalore, India, June 1996.

  • CME Workshop on Acute Neurological Care, Conducted by Bangalore Neurological Society of India, Bangalore, India, July 1995

  • Neurological Society of India, Annual Conference, Bangalore, India, December, 1994

Professional Affiliation :
  • Movement disorders society of India

  • Member: American Academy of neurology.

  • Member: Movement Disorders Society (NEW YORK)

Currently Visiting :
  • Neurologist attached to Apollo hospital and My clinic.